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"For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students."


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Our Services


Verbal Behavior Program

Upon completion of initial assessments that consist of VB-MAPP, ABLLS and FBA, an individualized program is developed consisting of one-to-one teaching from a Registered Behavior Technician. Ongoing supervision and monitoring as well as program updates are done by one of our behavior analysts weekly. Each program consists of goals focused on communication, social skills, play skills, appropriate behavior and generalization of these skills into the natural environment and with their care givers.


Parent Training

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or Assistant Behavior Analyst providing hands-on feedback to parents on how to manage their child’s behavior.


Behavior Management Plan

Provided to family, friends and schoolteachers of a child who engages in problematic behavior or any behavior serving as a barrier to a healthy learning experience. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst or Assistant Behavior Analyst will conduct an assessment and develop a plan based on the function of the problem behavior.

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Speech and occupational therapy services are provided onsite by the Speech and Learning Institute.


Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Involves a developmental therapist role-modeling to a parent on how to promote language that their child does not use spontaneously. This is incorporated into the Verbal Behavior Program to be sure that the children are generalizing the new skills they are acquiring outside of the usual therapy session.


Social Skills Group

An opportunity to teach appropriate social interaction such as pretend play, turn taking, imitation and preschool activities among peers. A group can include 2-4 children coming together in a simulated classroom setting.


Food Refusal

Precise shaping procedures are implemented to promote the consumption of less preferred foods that are typically avoided by a child.


Toilet Training

Parents will learn how to promote fading the use of diapers and getting their children on a regular toileting schedule.


Extended Day Program

Blossoming Minds is designed specifically to offer children with developmental disabilities year round, intensive instruction using scientifically based teaching techniques as well as typical peer role models. Each program is tailored to fit individual needs so that the child may acquire all the skills necessary to succeed in their natural environment. Onsite speech services are also available.

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